NEC TOKIN Develops FMQ Type Super Capacitor with 105 °C Feature

(Sendai, Miyagi: June 8, 2016) - NEC TOKIN Corporation (Representative Director and President: Shigenori Oyama) is pleased to announce the development of the FM series FMQ type Super Capacitor. FMQ type Super Capacitors operate at a maximum temperature of 105°C, which is the highest temperature among the other mass produced electric double-layer capacitors. Sample distribution will start in October 2016 and mass production is scheduled to commence after April 2017.

Electric double-layer capacitors (Super Capacitors) are energy storage and supply devices. The underlying principle for these devices is that the positive and negative electric charges are stored on the interface between a solid and liquid, which is called an electric double layer. The advantages of these capacitors are their large electric capacitance, long service life, and the absence of environmentally hazardous substances. Up to now, they were mainly used in RTC (Real Time Clock) backup for consumer-electronic appliances, industrial meters and so on. However, NEC TOKIN confronted the challenge of increasing the maximum temperature to above 100°C.

FM series FMQ type Super Capacitors maintain the high reliability of current products and ensure function at high temperatures and high humidity (85°C and 85% RH), and attain the maximum operating temperature at 105°C for the first time in the electric double-layer capacitor industry. Therefore, FMQ type Capacitors are expected to be adopted in a wider range of fields, such as automotive, renewable energy and infrastructure.

NEC TOKIN also has low-resistance capacitors with 1Ω or less ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) to be used in peak assist applications, which are expected to grow in demand.

NEC TOKIN will supply samples with rated voltage: 5.5V, capacitance: 1F and ESR: 1Ω or less in October 2016, and start mass production of 0.22 to1 F products after April 2017.

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