New Resistors from Riedon - Foil, Pulse & Power

Introducing 2 New Foil Resistors

(Alhambra, California: January 27, 2017) - Reidon is pleased to announce the introduction of two new series of resistors that use Bulk Metal ™ Foil technology to deliver superior performance. The new UHPL series of through-hole molded resistors provides high precision with a tolerance of ±0.005%, a TCR of ±2ppm and a load life stability of ±0.005%.

  • Resistances from 1Ohm to 150kOhm
  • Power Rating to 0.6 Watts
  • Resistance Tolerances to ±0.005%
  • TCR to ±1ppm/°C
  • Load Stability to 0.005% @ 70°C, 2000hr

Product Information

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