Taiwan Semiconductor TS19340CS14

Secondary-Side Constant Current and Constant Voltage Controller with PWM / Linear Dimming

(Taiwan, R.O.C.: June 1, 2016) - The TS19340CS14 provides an integrated solution using built in switch mode constant current (CC) and constant voltage (CV) regulation smart LED lighting applications. The built in PWM and linear dimming functions allows the designer to replace many external discrete components used for dimming schemes. The PWM frequency is configurable from 100Hz-10kHz through selection of the compensation capacitor. The linear dimming cut off voltage is configurable using a resistor divider at the CCO pin.


  • High level of integration, low BOM cost
    • Ideally suited for use on small PCBs with high component densities.
    • Single device solution includes constant current (CC) and constant voltage (CV) regulation

  • Supports wide range of supply power from primary side
    • The wide supply voltage of 7.6V to 35V ensures compatibility with common LED lighting applications including luminaries, troffers, downlights, sconces, office lighting and signage

  • Adjustable DIM-to-off
    • Integrated Current Cut Off level set with resistor divider

Typical Application Circuit

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