American Zettler's AZ7555 relay

A reliable component solution for energy efficient Plug-and-Play Switching applications

(Aliso Viejo, California: December 6, 2016) -A leading manufacturer of plug-and-play switching devices needed a multi-purpose relay with an extremely low power consumption.

American Zettler answered the call with its new AZ7555 relay: an industry-standard footprint relay with a standard coil consumption of 720 mW that was redesigned to use only 120 mW, hence consuming just one-sixth the energy of conventional 5 mm pin general purpose relays, and costing 20% to 30% less than equivalent latching relays. The new AZ7555 relay was resubmitted to UL for an array of ratings including pilot duty, resistive, inductive, Tungsten, and ballast.

Plug-and-play switching devices find applications in a multitude of industries ranging from lighting to motor controls, to HVAC and more. Designers of such applications are increasingly looking to minimize the required power consumption. Relays often tend to use large amounts of circuit power, so any reduction of coil power is a win in today's quest for energy efficiency. The AZ7555 is the first of a series of such low power relays to hit the market from American Zettler.

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